Premium Teas and Quality Tea Gifts
Tea Education--Classes, Tea Articles and Newsletters
Certified Tea Professional & Educator on Staff.
Premium Teas and
Quality Tea Gifts
Tea Education.  Learn more about fine teas with our classes, tea articles and newsletters.
Certified Tea
Professional and
Educator on staff.
Buying fine tea shouldn't be a puzzle.

Choosing and Buying Quality Tea Shouldn't Be A Puzzle.

Let Global Tea Mart Help You Put It All Together!

The Global Tea Mart Advantage...

For Global Tea Mart's patrons, quality tea is so much more that just a beverage.  Their reason for choosing Global Tea Mart is that they are actively seeking the full experience of tea-the history, the culture, the health benefits, and the knowledge of this great tasting, ancient beverage-as well as premium teas and tea gifts.
...your guide to solving tea's enduring puzzles-how to know good tea from bad, why there are so many teas, how to choose teas you can love for a lifetime...
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