The Total Tea Experience

The Total Tea Experience



How often have you heard the words, “Come for tea”? It’s an irresistible invitation that implies friendships finest—pleasant, heart-felt conversation, delicious tea, and possibly something delectable to eat—all served with care and flair.

With hundreds of specialty teas and tea accessories, Chandler’s favorite tea store, Global Tea Mart, will help you make your afternoon tea a splendid affair. Whether you need a favorite tea or a teapot in which to steep it, the selection at Global Tea Mart is sure to help you create the perfect teatime.


The store’s vast tea selection runs the gamut from hearty black English Breakfast Blend to the very delicate Chinese white teas. Between those two poles, one can find smoky Lapsang Souchong and Keemun, flavorful peach, cherry, mint and apricot, as well as classic green teas such as fine Japanese Sencha and Matcha, South African Rooibos, and exotic Taiwanese oolong teas.

The store’s shelves are filled with teapots, tea mugs, infusers, strainers, cups and saucers, and filters…quite literally, everything needed to steep great tea. It’s a sensory delight to smell the aroma of premium teas from around the world and to see and hold the endlessly different tea leaves.

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Want to know more about your tea? Just ask the store’s on-staff Certified Tea Professional. She’ll happily explain the nuances of your favorite teas and how to best coax the fullest flavor from those charming little leaves. Along the way you’ll learn a thing or two about the history behind the tea. And of course, the first sip will transport you to tea paradise.

This special tea dreamland is located in the Fulton Promenade at 4991 S Alma School Rd., #5, Chandler, AZ. The store is open from 10AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday. Give us a call at 480-219-6211 if you have any inquiries or browse our tea selection at

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