A Social History of Tea


A Social History of Tea

One of the best things about drinking tea is the bonds of community and friendship it fosters among tea lovers.   Cha is honored to introduce you to the premier book on the interrelated stories of tea history and culture in Britain and America.

As a tea drinker, the total tea experience doesn’t start with your taste buds—it starts with knowledge of the “ancient beverage”. So, flip open the pages and dive into one of the most captivating and charming stories you will ever read.

A Social History Of Tea MASTER

A Social History of Tea by Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson is filled with fascinating tidbits of tea lore gleaned from diaries, household accounts, books, manuscripts and tea company archives. A Social History of Tea beguiles and informs its readers of the development of bonds that transcended wars and political differences. This intriguing and romantic journey into the past leads naturally to the present-day renewed interest in tea, the “ancient” beverage. From the origins of tea to its spread around the world and into today’s kitchens and dining rooms, this delightful book carries us along as lightly as a clipper ship plying the oceans laden with tea bound for Britain and the Americas. A charmingly written must-have book for the tea lover and tea historian.

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