Afternoon Tea, by Jane Pettigrew–a Review

ChaRight380Afternoon Tea

Our panda mascot, Cha, loves to read—especially tea books—and has recently dived into the world of book reviews. Here’s his take on Jane Pettigrew’s wise and witty Afternoon Tea. (



“First off, I love holding this book—it’s just the right size for my paws and easy on my eyes. I first note and agree with, Ms. Pettigrew’s accurate observation that tea is ‘quite simply, the best drink of the day.’

Then she leads me on a journey from the discovery of tea five-thousand years ago in Southern China, near by the mountains where I was born, through Alice in Wonderland’s looking glass to women’s independence and the temperance movements and right into the tea renaissance that is sweeping the world today.

A lump came into my throat at this gorgeous book’s tasty recipes for such tea goodies as Strawberry Amaretto Shortcake and Macarons. I literally drooled at the elegant photos of perfectly prepared tea trays and trolleys, as well as historical photos that imbue the book with depth and authenticity.

I can’t say enough good things about this enchanting page-after-page depiction of the art of ‘refined conversation and light hearted chatter’ that has so characterized tea time over the centuries. Tea’s cultural importance is highlighted in her descriptions of traditional tea rituals and ceremonies. Although she doesn’t say anything about pandas, I can forgive her oversight as the entire book is a treat.

I would advise you to enjoy this book with a cup of your favorite tea. In Afternoon Tea you will be fascinated by the historical tidbits and mesmerizing tea stories woven as fine as spotless linens and gracious manners. Ms. Pettigrew’s profound insight into this intriguing and healthy beverage is a treat worthy of the finest tea. It’s no wonder she is aptly dubbed ‘Britain’s First Lady of Tea.’ I raise my cup of tea to you, dear lady, for a job exceedingly well done.”

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