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Timeless Tapestry Tea Cozy Timeless TapestryStory of the Tea Cozy

Legend says that the tea cozy was invented in the 1600’s when an Irish farmer leaned across the table as he sat down to dinner. His hat fell on top of the teapot, covering it fully. Later when he removed the hat to pour his tea, he found the tea still warm. His clever wife realized the value of this accidental discovery and promptly knitted a little woolen jacket for the teapot—and thus the tea “cosy” was born.

History credits both Catherine of Braganza, the wife of King Charles II, and Anna Maria Stanhope, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford, for popularizing the tea cozy in Britain. To keep the tea hot and prolong their social gatherings, both women covered their teapots with beautifully stitched fabric covers.

Today, thickly padded tea cozies come in all colors and fabrics. No longer limited to the flowery cozies of Victorian times, today’s tea warmers appeal to both men and women. Designed for the male tea drinker, the newest cover is called a “Hob.” Hob is a British term for a stovetop, and a shelf in the back of the fireplace where kettles are set to keep warm.

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